Writing Rants and Friends

Writing was always something second nature to me.  I was happy, I wrote in my diary.  I was sad, I wrote in my diary.  At least that’s how it was when I was younger.  As I grew, when some idiot who will remain nameless, opened and read my private thoughts and words, not only did it crush me it made me stop writing.  I’m glad I found myself again through writing, although I never completely stopped, I didn’t really share it until much later.

My poetry, at times is like breathing.  It’s so prolific even I have to gasp and wonder where that came from.  I write through emotion and definitely through my personal experiences.  I’ve had more heartache from family and “close friends” then anyone should have.  Of course people can always explain away why they do the things they do, but does that really help the person who feels the pain?  Honestly, it’s never helped me.  Always seemed forced and more of an excuse.

I often wonder how people see themselves?  Do they evaluate themselves the way I evaluate myself?  Do they take the time to think about how certain things affect others the way I do?  I look at some people who’ve passed through my life and say, they couldn’t possibly have.  Even now as I write I think about how people will take what I’m saying, will it upset them that I can speak so candidly about hurts and pain or will they feel I’m betraying by letting whoever reads this know that they’ve hurt me in some kind of way.

My main problem is, I think too much.  But then I always tell myself, “the problem isn’t the problem but how you react to the problem.”  Wish I could say I wrote that but I didn’t, seen it on a meme and it stuck.  Well that’s what I’m doing here with this blog.  I want to share my thoughts with others and find like minded people.  I can’t be the only prude in the world whose mother raised her with crazy ideals and morals.  I rarely find someone who really gets me.  Isn’t that what we all want?  To really be understood and accepted for just what we are?

Hope you enjoyed my first rant…I’m sure there will be many others in between my poetry and short stories.  Drop me a line and let’s do this together.

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Laura

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