Do Dreams Mean Something?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nightmares.”

The last nightmare I had was crazy.  It was actually last night and I was preparing for a lunch my son is having on Friday.  We were on our way and the trolley’s were detouring for some reason and I had forgot my wallet.  I left my mom, son, and daughter on the corner while I ran back to the house to get my wallet, but it was our old house that was sold 2 years ago.  The house was on a major thoroughfare and the trolley stop was across the street.

I ran in the house and up the stairs and all the sudden I was in my mom’s room but I was going through a pair of my jeans to get the money out instead of getting a wallet.  I looked up and out the window and they were all there getting on the trolley without me.  I yelled out the window and then suddenly I was running down the street after the trolley.  My dream then flashed and it was at the restaurant which was so weird looking as it was a bunch of tables and my sister was there with her daughter and my mom and kids.  They were finishing the food and I was walking in dripping wet and had been caught in the rain.

I was looking over the menu and then they were getting the check saying we were leaving.  I was angry and said but I haven’t eaten yet.  My mom said well we have and we’re leaving while your sister can drive us home instead of catching the trolley.  I then made a loud hugh, and then got up and said I guess I don’t get to eat.  I woke up after that and I’ve been trying to figure it out all morning what on earth was that dream about.  Pretty crazy…lol.

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