Last Breath

This is a poem but some women live this type of life.

Last Breath

Lost is what she was
He told her how he loved her so and that she could breath
So she did
Which was sad because it was a lie
He didn’t have the capacity in his heart to be true
So he bruised her ego
He lead her down the path to believe
That what they had was real and had promise
Only to see in the end it wasn’t real

It started as love and went beyond light
The way that they shared and was always in sight
He held her hand at times when everyone was around
But at night that love was unfound
She spent evenings alone in their home
Wandering the house
Wondering what was wrong
She didn’t know just what she should see
She was lost and confused
Now times that feeling by three
Isolated from her family and real friends
All that was left was his family in the end
They treated her cruel and never helped out
She was pregnant and alone
And lost beyond doubt
No protection she felt
No protection from love
His love was the most powerful over all of those drugs
Then that night came after birth, after death
The night that went down and she shared her last breath

She fought and she clawed as he held her down by her breasts
She let out a sigh as she felt that blow hit
Her eyes were closed and her arms were slit
She opened her eyes when she felt his tight grip
He had her throat and wasn’t letting go
He was pushing and choking the life out of her
She flashed in her mind and she held tight her dream
Of the love that they shared when she first came to see
How he held her up high on the stool of the world
How he coveted her love with the others
He isolated her and he kept her alone
To keep tight his hold
To keep tight his realm

She tried and she tried but his grip had her caught
Sadly this grip was her last breath of life
She uttered the words very softly and died
The tears were all swelled in the corner of her eyes
He gave her life and he took hers by death
He held tight control of all that she felt
Her love was blind to the point of death
She just wanted his love
Now she’s gone
That was her last breath

Copyright NLSmith 2015

Thank you for reading,

Nicole Laura

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