Four Walls

Four Walls by Nicole Laura Smith

I mailed a letter to a friend. I asked him if he knew when the world would end. He kindly replied the world has already died. I didn’t know just what to do. I was confused, I knew it wasn’t true. I couldn’t tell him he was wrong. He was the one who was always strong. So what was I to do?

As clueless as I was when I finally got the reply, I quickly typed another letter the words could not deny;

My Friend you are so dear and true, I know that you’re confused. The world hasn’t died at all; I think it’s beyond your four walls.

Sincerely your friend Blue

Well time went past so very fast I simply couldn’t count. I seen a day, a week, a month fly past within a matter of hours. I finally got a letter back from my friend so true. It was his mom; she said he’s gone and there was nothing they could do.

I took a breath, a long deep sigh and tears started to fall. I looked up high towards the sky beyond my four walls. I see his face, his smile, it beamed, it radiated through the sky. My friend he made it all the time his best efforts to smile.

The reason that I share these words may already be clear. But I want to say in every way we all have burdens to bare. We must be kind beyond ourselves we all fight silent battles. Within our minds, within our hearts, and words they really do matter.

***Be kind to each other. Everyone has their own silent pains. Thanks for reading.

Copyright NLSmith 2014

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