Material Things

Once I was consumed with what was wrong with me that I didn’t fit in.
Now I just don’t give a fuck.
So glad I didn’t conform to fit in.
Instead I aspired to stand out.
I looked within and found myself.
Now that I know me, it seems I look down on society.
It’s not that I do, I just feel bad for people consumed with “fitting in”.
When I say that, I mean the chick who worries that she’s flawless when in public.
The man who has to have the latest gadget.
The child who knows song lyrics better than grammar.
The teen more concerned with peer pressure instead of their future.
We are limited by corporations and what they show us as important.
It’s funny that when man was created, there was only man.
We hunted for food.
We stuck together.
We fought dinosaurs.
We feared the weather.
Now right now we’re controlled by things.
Things those before us never dreamed.
Will we ever come together?
See the reason for the weather?
Death is happening everyday.
Over some of the smallest things.
Yes we have our lives to live.
But is it right to be blind to light?
Some try to walk the Godly path.
But God wasn’t consumed with what he had.
It’s in the Bible most brag about.
But many don’t live that godly life.
I’m not judging, it’s not my place.
I’m still part of the human race.
Just speaking on the things I see.
Things that really bother me.
I wish we all could see a light.
To cure our need to do what’s right.
The world is sick and no one sees.
We walk around with our material things.

Copyright NLSmith 2015

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