Hold On

Hold On Love
Dedicated to u, u know who u are

He knows my favorite song to sing
To keep me singing along with him
He can recite the love we share
Regardless who’s around he cares
Never afraid to show his might
Even when I’m out of sight
He can hear my cry in the air
It doesn’t matter he’s no where near
He wears my imprint without a fight
It makes him feel love without sight
He’d rather be anywhere I am near
To make sure we’re always near
I can hear his thoughts through the air
As he sends me love to make sure he’s there
Out sight but never far from dreams
Awake or asleep we see the same things
A love that translates body and mind
Not lust, or yearning
But a strong presence found
He doesn’t hide how he feels
He doesn’t make promises that aren’t real
His pride is in check but his love is right
He knows when we need to be without doubt
He doesn’t keep saying things that he cannot prove
He’s just not that kind of dude
And he’d rather be honest and hold me close
Then be unprepared and make me feel like a ghost
Our love took so long to finally be seen
Then he died before we could live out our dreams
He comes to me like a whispering word
And he holds me so tight but I can’t feel the hold
I’m reminded of the times that we danced
I let those times keep me in a trance
I remember the day when we knew it was real
I remember the hold and it felt so unreal
I guess I was meant to live life alone
I had my love and so fast he was gone
Had he really took hold and believed in our dreams
We’d of had more time to live out our dreams
But he always had something more important to do
He always had something he just had to prove
But time as u see doesn’t always keep on
It ends really fast and now I’m alone
Alone with these thoughts inside of my mind
Alone with the dreams that were never found
Don’t idle your time as it goes really fast
If u love her
If u love him
Just hold tight and make it last

Copyright NLSmith 2015

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