The Girl with the Knife

The Girl with the Knife

It was strange as I watched them step over her feet
She was there but she wasn’t and no one seemed to see
She laid there and watched as they kept walking past
Didn’t matter that she had a knife sticking out of her
No one saw all the pain and the hurt in her eyes
She laid there, half dead, but she was full of pride
Not a tear did she shed
Not a blush of her eyes
She didn’t whimper
She didn’t whisper
She just laid to the side
So they could pass as she died, no one even cared
So she turned and met my eyes and we just stared
I saw the pain with every breath as she gazed back at me
I tried to move but she seen that it was impossible
I was stuck behind the crowd that just stepped over her
She laid and died and no one saw the knife that killed her
I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what to say
I just watched and tried to get through the crowd to her
By the time I finally made it to the place where she laid
She was gone, blood was there, but it was just a trace
I looked in panic as others watched me trying to figure this out
Someone asked was I okay and I just let out a pout
I tried to save the life I saw dying on the ground
While others stepped over her body too busy to look down
Was it a dream, I asked myself as I touched her blood
It was fresh so she was there but where has she gone?
I turned around and caught her eyes as she stepped down
And then I saw the knife was still pierced in her heart
In her heart it was wedged like a sword in a stone
I couldn’t tell if she was really walking or the light was guiding her
I saw again her reflection as I looked across the room
She turned and glared at my eyes while I just watched her
Why doesn’t anyone see this girl in all this pain?
Am I crazy?

Is it a shadow, that is dancing in the rain?
It’s not a mirror or a window anywhere in sight
But this girl, covered in blood with a knife in her heart
As she glided across the floor while my eyes steady watched her
She gave a smirk and a nod and I realized it was real
I tried to run over to give her some aid
But she was gone in a blink, like I walked in some shade
I never found out if that girl was real
I’ve never seen her at all and I keep watching for her
Makes me wonder why I saw what no one else did?
Or did they see it but they just was too busy to assist

Copyright NLSmith 2015

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