The Product

The Product

I am a product of how you treat me
How I see me is reflected times three
It happened long ago when you had control
And now it’s transcended into my whole world
Control of my thoughts
Control of my dreams
Control of the little things I seen
Self-reflection made it worse
And then I couldn’t see my own true worth

I am a product of how you treat me
Things that I see from your eyes you see
It still controls the core of my being
And hurts at times at how you see me
Control of my mind
Control of my time
Controlled from the reflections I seen from your mind
Self-reflection makes it worse
And I often lose sight of what I’m worth

I am a product of how you treat me
Your thoughts have a strong power over me
You throw your will with the sound of your voice
It controls my deep thoughts and gives me no voice
Control of my love
Control of my body
Controlled from the things you constantly thought of me
Self-reflection made it worse
And now I can’t stop thinking I have no worth

I am a product of how you seen me
How you said I was always unlucky
I lived my life through the eyes of your truth
I hid myself because I had no proof
No proof you were wrong
No proof of myself
No proof that I had to control those dark thoughts
Self-reflection made me cry
And now I can’t see through my minds own eyes

I’m still a product of how you treated me
How you said I’d never be anything
It controls my thoughts
It controls my eyes
At times it makes me feel like a clown
Self-reflection doesn’t help it at all
And my how I’ve built these tall, thick walls

I fight being a product of things that you said
Thoughts that you shared how you wished I were dead
It kills my heart
It fuels my mind
It’s sad that I still can hear all the lines
Self-reflection let’s me see the truth
That thoughts that you had were about your own worth

No longer a prisoner of how you treat me
I’m strong with fire and power to see
The truths you instilled in the back of my mind
Were thoughts of yourself and you didn’t have time
Time to learn
Time to grow
Time to prove those feelings were wrong
Self-reflection made you cruel
And that’s when you acted the most like a fool

Copyright NLSmith 2015

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