The Devil Said

The Devil Said

Last night I saw the devil

He told me I stole his only shovel

He took me down into the pit

And boy did that clown have a fit

I had to stand behind his chair

Even though I smell burnt hair

It’s like a cauldron underground

I didn’t like we went down

He has the worst laugh you know

He smelled of coal and burning brimstone

I naturally wished for snow

This devil is a crazy dude

He gave me ashes for my food

I demanded he release me now

He turned my finger upside down

I screamed and winced in pain

He demanded that shovel

Or else my screams would go in vain

I didn’t have this damn shovel

I told him quickly before he bellowed

It didn’t work but I ducked quickly

He threw some brimstone

At me swiftly

So glad I ran the marathon

But I had nowhere to go underground

Who will save me from the devil?

I need help quick yawl

I’m in trouble

Okay I’m calm and thinking quickly

The devil got me

The devil bite me

Now my skin is turning black

I guess you know now

I’m trapped

From the book “Intrusions to Illusions”

Copyright NLSmith 2014

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