Little Love Sick Dove

Plagued with insecurity from friends
Who find I don’t keep up with the latest trends
Why is that I’m never really seen?
I guess it’s because I prefer ambiguity
Is it something about my flow
That keeps others trying to control?
Or is it me, that I’m just not deep?
Or maybe it’s the truth I speak
I don’t know but at times it hurts
It makes me think that I’m a jerk
But really I’m not
That’s just not me
I’m really not blind
I just can’t see
I blind myself to the truth of the world
I live in my mind, in my own picturesque world
My world is more complex you see
The world I’ve created was made just for me
It shows me stories that are untold
And brings to mind the glitter of gold
But it’s just my space
In time
Inside my mind
It has me captured and losing time
It makes me dance and swirls me within
It puts on my face a little sly grin
Security and a plethora of love
Is what it takes to cure
A love sick dove

Copyright NLSmith 2015

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