The minds clarity of things is often destroyed by life.

Anxiety and depression, confusion and unseen life lessons.

Unknowing what lies next can cause the confused life states.

Smiles with fake tears or clowns that drive with cheerleaders.

What comes next is a joke.

It’s just a reason for us to stay broke.

It doesn’t matter who’s around with foolish treasure.

No one sees anyways beyond the bruises of their egos.

Fools with gold on the mountain of life.

Looking down into the closed world of the sun.

Often wondering why or where clarity will become fresh air.

Silence can be seen through the trees of the sea.

Without the sun there is no life.

Without the moon nothing is right.

That good old moon that tells the truth.

Comforting ways without any proof.

Alone u watch the waves as the moonlight glitters.

Am I who I can be?

Or am I who u need?

Does it matter in the end?

Will there be life without trends?

Aspirations are just realizations that lead to ambitious truths.

If we do what we’re true to and look beyond what we see.

Will life swallow me whole or will I keep being trolled by the world?

At some point death will come.

Will I be dressed?

Will I run?

Will I embrace the truth of my death as I’ve basked in the sun for my existence?

Will my life leave me with meaning?

Or will it just be a dream from a spiritual being?

When my mortal life ends, I do hope I learn the meaning of things.

Sadly, I won’t be able to share it with you.

I will only exist through these words.


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