the Giggles

The truth is, I was more free when I was naive.  I didn’t realize the giggles from behind weren’t laughing at me.  I just didn’t care because I was consumed with what I was around.  Now looking back at the troubles that were found as I sat in front of the giggles from behind, I was me. A me that was proud and free.  Now caged knowing hate from the smallest things and taught how to fear because of the giggles.  Afraid of the day as it turns into night but I dance through the world during the first sign of sight.  I admit in confusion the illusion of change but I know from the choices I’ve made that these things are in vain.  The giggles still happen as the hair on the back of my neck send crackles of truth through my spine.  The giggles go down like a crime in the night filled with the wrong things that we face in life.  Unafraid of the giggles that life’s created with a dance on my hips, as I twist up my lips, in a dance that my life has created.


the Giggles


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