Mental clarity was never my thing. I was always caught up on the smallest of things. When I woke up to the truth of my life, it sent me reeling down a new path of flight. Death was lingering silently in my distance. I had to fight back and take up resistance. Now as I sit with the truths of the facts, I realize there’s so much of my life to gain back. Hidden agendas stand out so much clearly. Deceitful moments are laid out very plain. Can’t hide confusion with words that don’t matter. Mainly the truth will come through when hidden in shame. Hiding within the moment to further your cause. It happens so quickly u won’t need to take charge. As calming as words can at times be, they can also cause confusion times by three. The call through this moment of life is pleasing and feels good to take flight. Reminds me of the Phoenix that always take flight. It rises from ashes, with fire and might. Once at the bottom of the cliff, now sitting tall on the edge of resistance. Fighting for life with each breath that I take. I’ve made the choice to give my life respect.

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