A Little About the Author

It’s sad to say I let a lot of things change me.  People’s comments about my differences and I let them silence me.  It didn’t happen overnight.  It took time, as things were repeated.  A smarter person would’ve just went where they were respected but through learned behavior I accepted it as my reality.

I don’t have a tribe or a flock of friends I can confide.  It’s just me and the words I write.  Some are stories, some are feelings from moments I seem to hide in.  I know it’s left me with the sense and phrase I always say, “A person will always remember how u made them feel.”

Good or bad, happy or sad.  Things u shared but some people’s mind will always hear the bad.  For so long I’ve watched my words because I never wanted to make anyone feel the way I felt.  At times I still won’t disclose my full truth.  It’s out of fear of being left out.  Left out for my corny jokes or the way I dress.  Or that corny thought I put in the air.

It recently hit me that it’s not people who hurt me the most but myself because I was in control.  I choose to try to blend in and it made me stick out even more.  So I’m complicit in my own feelings of being tortured even more.

I can’t hide who I am anymore.  I’m tired of looking out of an open door.  I’ve taken steps to make things right.  With some it was great, but most took flight.  I have to give credit where it’s due though, and writing is the only thing that’s kept me from falling apart.  Penning out rhymes with corny little themes.  Creating new worlds where I set the theme.

I don’t know where I’m about to go, but I’m embracing this new feeling and hoping to learn more.  U may see me around commenting on your blogs.  Reading your stories, poems, and leaving a thought.  They are great and most times make me smile.  I’m glad I found this place.  It’s finally the right time for me to be here and really be here.

Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “A Little About the Author

  1. When you started commenting on my blogs, I felt great. I felt like my words mattered and I was appreciated and from all your comments I could never have guessed that you had a difficult time in making friends. You had struck me as friendly from the first comment and I’m glad we crossed each other’s path here. I may be younger than you but I promise to be a great friend. Its good to know you 😘

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  2. One thing about being born for a life in the fine arts — you stick out. You stick out because you have something extra, and that something extra is something to say that people have never heard before.

    It’s not your fault if that something extra makes people nervous who for whatever reason have never paid the price in independent thought to have anything worthwhile to say themselves.

    As Gibran writes: “Only the fruitful tree is shaken or stoned for food.”

    It works a lot like it did in second grade, because unfortunately very many folks are stuck emotionally at just about that level of development: keep your head up and your eyes shining and they’ll get bored and go look for an easier target.

    Every time somebody tries to make you small, realize that it is only the comparison between your vastness and their own self-adopted limitations they fear. The appropriate reaction is compassion — immediately followed by absence in favor of more supportive companionship.

    Keep your light shining fierce and bright — the world needs more like you.

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