Conspiracy theories are running wild these days. We have a clown in government that’s loud in all the wrong ways. Yelling about everything wrong, but doing nothing to improve that song. Meanwhile the suffering of the young and uninterested go unseen. With wild, dangerous nights, and crazy passionate dreams. We call the attention to ourselves in the world, by speaking out truths in puzzles unfurled. My dreams are alas the worse from my past and they go unseen in a world full of dreams. I can’t breathe in this world with people on my neck. I can’t escape a reality that has always been kept. This life in the end is supposed to be lived. But what exactly are these feelings being hid? I can’t see with the truth of a lie covering my eyes, but the doubt put into words are why many cry. Theories and stories, dreams and lies, truths untold that drown out the cries. Nothing is real and yet nothing is fake yet these dreamy dull moments are what life is made of.

NLSmith 2017



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