Relate is something I can’t do very well
Like the time I tried to fit in and boy did I fail
It was a crazy dream I tried to live out
But I fell off a cloud and didn’t take flight
Relate is a word that covers me with fears
As I turn around and covet my tears
Drowning in a world that relates with a few
Because the majority doesn’t try fit in our shoes
We hide in plain sight and don’t blend in right
But we fight for existence and often we take flight
We argue with our minds not to blend in too much
But we must blend in, so we don’t lose all touch
It’s exhausting I admit trying to just be myself
But I can’t very well act like anyone else
Some people are good at the fifty fake out
Some struggle within
Some turn the lights out
We all have our ways that we cope to relate
Like the guy down the street who tries just imitates
Or the girl in the back with the crazy thoughts
That she needs to be covered in heavy makeup
Or the guy who feels he needs a beard to fit in
Like the maze that go through to relate and fit in
But we need to all realize that while some can fit in
That almost all of us are afraid that we don’t relate
That we don’t fit in



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