Abused Mind

~The taste of tar fills my mind when I think of u. Blackness spreads across my thoughts and flowers die afraid of your walk. Hiding in the darkness of the cloak I wear to keep from u, while living loudly in a world that doesn’t know your truth. The distant cries of pain in the world u created has made it hard to sleep at night as your words sting. The slaps of cruelty from your mind as your words fill time creates a moment of true despair and a wish that u weren’t near. Hiding openly in the night and wishing u weren’t truly frightening, is just a part of the illusion that always creates confusion. Not afraid of u but more afraid of time. All the time u stole from me as I hid and let u be. Now it’s time for me to come out of hiding and stop being closed off to all the findings. Know without a doubt that your cruelty isn’t right.

Abused Mind NLSmith 2017

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