The Struggle Between the Soul and Spirit

I remember when I wrote this poem, I was full of angst and didn’t really understand why.  I sat always reflecting but always fighting myself.  It’s strange that now this is one of my most favorite poems and I read it when I need a reminder of why I have to speak kindly to myself.  I don’t know how some people view the soul and the spirit, or even if they are two different entities that live within us but I know once I started nurturing both, I became whole.  I often say my 3rd eye is open, because to me it is.  At times I see what others don’t want to and things I didn’t see clearly before.  I hope you enjoy this poem.

The Struggle between the Soul and the Spirit by Nicole L. Smith

My spirit touched my soul and made me cry
It held it high and made me sigh
I didn’t know what to do so I see it through
I see my soul and felt so blue
It was bruised and angry from things of the past
It said I was wrong I moved way to fast
My soul had so much to tell me I felt my head swell
My soul wasn’t empty just had stories to tell
My soul was hurt by things I’d said
In my head when I felt I was dead
My soul and spirit had this rumble
I knew at that moment I was in trouble
My spirit was proud of the greatest things
My soul was torn by the mean sayings
I kept inside and wouldn’t let out
My spirit was flying
My soul lived in doubt
The total conflict between the two
Left me half broken
It made me so blue
How could I make my spirit and soul cohesive?
How will I do this before the next season?
With no control and full of much doubt
I looked in a mirror and threw out those doubts
I placed a simple message inside of my brain
One for my spirit to not feel the pain
One for my soul to feed it with love
Next moment I was happy and seeing white doves
My spirit and soul were now at ease
You can’t hide all feelings like you hide keys
You have to accept and let go
Of all the past hurts or inside you they grow
And poison your soul against your spirit
And then they will fight you
And you’ll lose a season
Take care of your soul
Take care of your spirit
Only you can keep them lifted
Don’t take them for granted
For if you do you’ll lose one of them
And you’ll only be a reflection
You need both your soul and you spirit to grow
You must nurture both so your insides will grow

Copyright NLSmith 2013

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