~The moments I get 2 bask in ur love. Brief moments of time come 2 mind 2 see me through. Dancing smiles awake as we see life through others eyes. While we hide our love from the existence of our minds. I feel ur touch when u are nowhere in sight. I hear ur voice in my ear telling me 2 do what’s right. I feel ur stare as u dream of being closer to me. And yet this simple love through fantasy will only happen our dreams.
Love 💘
NLSmith 2017


I was hiding in a world so open
Constantly wondering what was wrong
Seeing the days pass like water running
Contemplating old times
Then I opened myself to u
Didn’t realize what would happen
First was fun and quiet times
Than the drama between the lines
Couldn’t cope so I shut myself down
But dammit here u are still around
No pressure from truth
No flight or proof
Just continual moments of splendor
And acts of seduction and surrenders
A love affair that’s quietly seen
Something that’s made from dreams
Something u don’t want to end
So deep u can’t even tell friends
Quietly between you and I
Hiding my fears and removing my doubts
A closer friendship we have created
And something so secret we can’t even explain it

NLSmith 2016


Poem for Dee

Beauty beyond years that smiles through tears.
Tears of pain and nothing can contain the pain.
She smiles through the world with a beautiful secret.
She hides her pain from her children.
She doesn’t want anyone to know her full truth.
Some friends know but others need proof.
She’s given me so many reasons to smile.
She’s always been there for me since we meant for a while.
She stopped me once from a stupid mistake.
I used to wish that she’d let me but the time wasn’t right.
Now I can see what she means to me.
I hope in her mind she can remember her dreams.
Set her self up with the confidence I see.
Dream bigger dreams then she has ever seen.

Little Love Sick Dove

Plagued with insecurity from friends
Who find I don’t keep up with the latest trends
Why is that I’m never really seen?
I guess it’s because I prefer ambiguity
Is it something about my flow
That keeps others trying to control?
Or is it me, that I’m just not deep?
Or maybe it’s the truth I speak
I don’t know but at times it hurts
It makes me think that I’m a jerk
But really I’m not
That’s just not me
I’m really not blind
I just can’t see
I blind myself to the truth of the world
I live in my mind, in my own picturesque world
My world is more complex you see
The world I’ve created was made just for me
It shows me stories that are untold
And brings to mind the glitter of gold
But it’s just my space
In time
Inside my mind
It has me captured and losing time
It makes me dance and swirls me within
It puts on my face a little sly grin
Security and a plethora of love
Is what it takes to cure
A love sick dove

Copyright NLSmith 2015

Quick Sand

Quick Sand a short her side, his side love story by Nicole L. Smith.  Hope you enjoy.

I was sinking fast into the sand that was quick. As I looked up and saw the branch reaching out for me I reached up to grab my last chance of possible life.

As he pulled viciously trying to free me from the quick sand the branch he held out to me broke and I started to panic. He reached and reached and then took a step closer only to begin to sink himself.

He looked over at me with eyes so wide and a face that was so sad. All I could do was love him from a far.

As we sank down together our eyes caught. We stared knowing our oblivion was near. My neck is engulfed and I know I will soon go under. He gazed into my eyes and said I love you. I looked back with my mouth concealed and eyes screaming I love you and I was gone.

Sorry My Love

Pushing the branch towards her and telling her to grab. She has it tightly in her hand but as I pull her close like a lost love the branch breaks in half.

I see the panic in her eyes and I don’t know what to do. I move closer by leaning forward and try to grab any part of her to pull. I lean even closer and take a step and now I’m stuck too.

My love…as I gaze into your eyes please know how much I love you. I’m sorry we came here instead of somewhere else. We would be happy and free and alive if I’d of just compromised. I hope she knows with my look the sorrow I feel.

She’s on the brink of decline and I see the panic in her eyes as I begin to sink and she goes further down.

I meet her eyes and remember how beautiful she is. I tell her I love her as I watch my love go down.

My time is running out fast as I’m sinking down. With no one around, no help as I know, there’s nothing more for me now. What will happen as I go under? How will it feel? I’m terrified…