I have a friend whose misconception is the way she sees the world
It’s skewed at best but not at worst for words that can’t be told
It’s kind of hard to tell my friend that what she sees isn’t the end
Because she’s blinded herself to the truths that lie inside
She sees a world full of attention and that’s her biggest misconception
The love she has inside that she hides with childish eyes
She thinks the world is just a toy for all girls and boys
But in her mind she fears the worst she feels unloved
Unloved by family
Unloved by friends
Unloved by all that dwells within
It’s in her mind you see
Unloved by you
Unloved by me
But what I can’t help her to realize
Is that the love she feels inside
Is the love she needs the most
Because that love is best to boast
It’s the greatest misconception to feel you need love and affection
From the ones outside your mind
You’re just coveting your time
You have to open up your mind and see the love you have inside
And treasure it the most
Because it’s that love which you should boast
Once you find your love within it really changes all your trends
It helps to really see the world and the beauty that could be

Copyright NLSmith 2014
From the book, Love Through My Eyes, http://goo.gl/tRzaRY


at times i feel i’m living in the world of a zoo

i half of the time don’t know what to do

i keep getting sidetracked by life

it causes me pain most days and strife

there are times when i can cry

then the times when i hold my head up high

lost in the cross of this zoo called life

with so many animals demanding rights

humans that bleed blood and kill for power

i don’t know how to separate hours

the time i’ve spent living has shown me no proof

no proof that life is different in then an animal zoo

NLSmith 2017

I don’t know if this is a poem or a rant…lol. Life man, this is a crazy place called reality.


Truth Is

I once wrote a letter to a friend that broke her heart.
It told of truths straight from my start.
Things I’d never shared with light.
Things that I wanted to keep buried.
I had to share my truth.
I wrote about so much in my youth.
Afraid of what most people thought.
But not caring enough to hold my heart.
Finally, I had enough.
I screamed my truth from the treetops.
A few walked away from me.
It didn’t stop me from being free.
It set me on a brand-new path.
Of seeing myself and beyond my wrath.
It wasn’t pain I wanted to share.
It was the truth of my heart so rare.
I was repressed so long ago.
Made to believe how I felt shouldn’t be known.
Told to close out those feelings inside.
Shown to shove my feelings aside.
Now as I sit alone with my book.
I write this poem while reading books.
I feel so content in what’s been said.
I feel so alive and my head is clear.
I can move on with a new purpose of heart.
No longer down and hiding my spark.
My smile isn’t fake, and my time isn’t shallow.
I no longer cower about tomorrow.
She wasn’t the only who was hurt by my words.
And those who were hurt are flying like birds.
I can no longer contain the pain.
I had to let it out.
I had to make it rain.
My sister is still answering for her crimes.
And she is family but she never has time.
Time to see the part that she played.
In hiding my feelings and putting me in shame.
Now that I’m alive my mind won’t stop.
Creating poems and watching the clock.
Making sure I still have time.
Time to write out another line.

NLSmith 2017



I’ve only lived a snippet of life. Just a moment in time. On a big blue ball that circles the sun. Earth itself is so old that my time isn’t told in the snippet of time that life has been created. Will we ever know just how old is the sun? How long life existed, not just dreams or inferences? Assumptions and half truths made by scholarly youths. Who think they know best how we should be impressed. A snippet, a moment, a brief dance of life and here were are. How’d we miss the dinosaurs?

Bite of Life

Life was tasteless from the first bite. Always disparaged and living outside. Watching moments pass by without a smile. Chewy, tasteless moments with constant reminds. Bites that lasted years instead of quickly chewed up. Bites that left disgust in the mouth with distrust. Chewy tasteless moments that just won’t die. Bigger nasty bites that leave life unsolved.




a thought or feeling causing dread.
an idea that u wish u never had. 
the time he said he loved u then he hit u in the head.
the moment your father held u close to tell u he wished u were dead. 
the love of a friend that only came from putting u down outside your head. 
the ways society treats u that makes u wish u were dead. 
outcast and old, watching through windows.
hiding from the past while your head is constantly crass.
the ways we try to shine but always burn our light out. 
Percussive ways that destroy our soul.
things that die inside while to fight to live on.