Happy Holidays

Been a hectic few weeks and I haven’t had enough time to edit and post. I have been cruising through and reading here and there. These holidays have had me tied up between cooking and working and writing ideas and poems but leaves no time to post much. I’m penning this while I have these few moments of downtime at work. Hopefully with the new year I’ll be better at my time management and get to post more regularly.

Meanwhile, I wanted to take a moment to wish u all a very happy and safe New Year’s and hope u all had a good holiday season. I know some people struggle during this time, I’m one of them but there is a rainbow in the distance and nothing stopping it but a thought. If we give nurishment to the positive, we are more likely to get that positive back. 

Take care and share the smiles!!! We all need that in a world that most times shares more hate than anyone needs. Smile power always rules!!! Keep it up or keep it to yourself!!! See u around!!!

Nicole L. 




A place of growth for young to old. It nurtures your soul and holds you close. High in the sky or low in the dark, the nest is created as a first home.

Your tribe meets u there. They show u they care. They talk & share with u and teach u things too. It’s the one place where u can be you, the nest.

The nest is where u rest from the journey of life. It gives u strength and courage when u wanna take flight. The people are love and u know you’re safe, your nest. Your home, the place u can always find love.

NLSmith 2017

A Little About the Author


It’s sad to say I let a lot of things change me.  People’s comments about my differences and I let them silence me.  It didn’t happen overnight.  It took time, as things were repeated.  A smarter person would’ve just went where they were respected but through learned behavior I accepted it as my reality.

I don’t have a tribe or a flock of friends I can confide.  It’s just me and the words I write.  Some are stories, some are feelings from moments I seem to hide in.  I know it’s left me with the sense and phrase I always say, “A person will always remember how u made them feel.”

Good or bad, happy or sad.  Things u shared but some people’s mind will always hear the bad.  For so long I’ve watched my words because I never wanted to make anyone feel the way I felt.  At times I still won’t disclose my full truth.  It’s out of fear of being left out.  Left out for my corny jokes or the way I dress.  Or that corny thought I put in the air.

It recently hit me that it’s not people who hurt me the most but myself because I was in control.  I choose to try to blend in and it made me stick out even more.  So I’m complicit in my own feelings of being tortured even more.

I can’t hide who I am anymore.  I’m tired of looking out of an open door.  I’ve taken steps to make things right.  With some it was great, but most took flight.  I have to give credit where it’s due though, and writing is the only thing that’s kept me from falling apart.  Penning out rhymes with corny little themes.  Creating new worlds where I set the theme.

I don’t know where I’m about to go, but I’m embracing this new feeling and hoping to learn more.  U may see me around commenting on your blogs.  Reading your stories, poems, and leaving a thought.  They are great and most times make me smile.  I’m glad I found this place.  It’s finally the right time for me to be here and really be here.

Thanks for reading.

Daily Prompt: Honk

via Daily Prompt: Honk

Moving along open doors with silent intervals of  movement and noise, we honk to relate the truth of proof that we are still there.

Created moments of despair when we hide without proof of the dare, the  honk in the distance to wake us from the silent dreamer we’ve created.

Quiet and quickness are dreamed while the bliss from the distance is seen. We hear the honks as they pass. A funeral progression goes pass.



the Giggles

The truth is, I was more free when I was naive.  I didn’t realize the giggles from behind weren’t laughing at me.  I just didn’t care because I was consumed with what I was around.  Now looking back at the troubles that were found as I sat in front of the giggles from behind, I was me. A me that was proud and free.  Now caged knowing hate from the smallest things and taught how to fear because of the giggles.  Afraid of the day as it turns into night but I dance through the world during the first sign of sight.  I admit in confusion the illusion of change but I know from the choices I’ve made that these things are in vain.  The giggles still happen as the hair on the back of my neck send crackles of truth through my spine.  The giggles go down like a crime in the night filled with the wrong things that we face in life.  Unafraid of the giggles that life’s created with a dance on my hips, as I twist up my lips, in a dance that my life has created.


the Giggles


Open Possibly, Neverending

I find the blankness of canvas comforting

It let’s me see there’s nothing but possibilities

On an open road with open space

And nothing confining

There’s room for one more story

There’s room for one more thing

What do we use to fill that space?

Do we comfort ourselves?

Do we take comfort to know the space is open?

How do we find that place so we don’t roam?

That place we find in the security of our time

As time ticks on closer to the end

I find these new possibilities and openness neverending