via Daily Prompt: Permit

She was quiet and relentless about her current scene. The spell was cast, the day had past and she would permit no one in to see. Her tragedy was real but the way life was being seen, it was in her past that love was cast and no one seen her words. She permits the view and no one sees the sights. It’s in her might to walk with light and leave the dark behind. She cast a different spell this time, one that would last through time. She must resists the single twists that time has cast in her sights. Love was on her mind, but hate was ravaging her heart. Spells were cast from a distant mass and truths were sent to hide.  The light was no where near, but time was all she feared it was running fast and not in the past but the present daylight went unfound.


Happy Holidays

Been a hectic few weeks and I haven’t had enough time to edit and post. I have been cruising through and reading here and there. These holidays have had me tied up between cooking and working and writing ideas and poems but leaves no time to post much. I’m penning this while I have these few moments of downtime at work. Hopefully with the new year I’ll be better at my time management and get to post more regularly.

Meanwhile, I wanted to take a moment to wish u all a very happy and safe New Year’s and hope u all had a good holiday season. I know some people struggle during this time, I’m one of them but there is a rainbow in the distance and nothing stopping it but a thought. If we give nurishment to the positive, we are more likely to get that positive back. 

Take care and share the smiles!!! We all need that in a world that most times shares more hate than anyone needs. Smile power always rules!!! Keep it up or keep it to yourself!!! See u around!!!

Nicole L. 


Relate is something I can’t do very well
Like the time I tried to fit in and boy did I fail
It was a crazy dream I tried to live out
But I fell off a cloud and didn’t take flight
Relate is a word that covers me with fears
As I turn around and covet my tears
Drowning in a world that relates with a few
Because the majority doesn’t try fit in our shoes
We hide in plain sight and don’t blend in right
But we fight for existence and often we take flight
We argue with our minds not to blend in too much
But we must blend in, so we don’t lose all touch
It’s exhausting I admit trying to just be myself
But I can’t very well act like anyone else
Some people are good at the fifty fake out
Some struggle within
Some turn the lights out
We all have our ways that we cope to relate
Like the guy down the street who tries just imitates
Or the girl in the back with the crazy thoughts
That she needs to be covered in heavy makeup
Or the guy who feels he needs a beard to fit in
Like the maze that go through to relate and fit in
But we need to all realize that while some can fit in
That almost all of us are afraid that we don’t relate
That we don’t fit in





Conspiracy theories are running wild these days. We have a clown in government that’s loud in all the wrong ways. Yelling about everything wrong, but doing nothing to improve that song. Meanwhile the suffering of the young and uninterested go unseen. With wild, dangerous nights, and crazy passionate dreams. We call the attention to ourselves in the world, by speaking out truths in puzzles unfurled. My dreams are alas the worse from my past and they go unseen in a world full of dreams. I can’t breathe in this world with people on my neck. I can’t escape a reality that has always been kept. This life in the end is supposed to be lived. But what exactly are these feelings being hid? I can’t see with the truth of a lie covering my eyes, but the doubt put into words are why many cry. Theories and stories, dreams and lies, truths untold that drown out the cries. Nothing is real and yet nothing is fake yet these dreamy dull moments are what life is made of.

NLSmith 2017




at times i feel i’m living in the world of a zoo

i half of the time don’t know what to do

i keep getting sidetracked by life

it causes me pain most days and strife

there are times when i can cry

then the times when i hold my head up high

lost in the cross of this zoo called life

with so many animals demanding rights

humans that bleed blood and kill for power

i don’t know how to separate hours

the time i’ve spent living has shown me no proof

no proof that life is different in then an animal zoo

NLSmith 2017

I don’t know if this is a poem or a rant…lol. Life man, this is a crazy place called reality.


Bite of Life

Life was tasteless from the first bite. Always disparaged and living outside. Watching moments pass by without a smile. Chewy, tasteless moments with constant reminds. Bites that lasted years instead of quickly chewed up. Bites that left disgust in the mouth with distrust. Chewy tasteless moments that just won’t die. Bigger nasty bites that leave life unsolved.





a thought or feeling causing dread.
an idea that u wish u never had. 
the time he said he loved u then he hit u in the head.
the moment your father held u close to tell u he wished u were dead. 
the love of a friend that only came from putting u down outside your head. 
the ways society treats u that makes u wish u were dead. 
outcast and old, watching through windows.
hiding from the past while your head is constantly crass.
the ways we try to shine but always burn our light out. 
Percussive ways that destroy our soul.
things that die inside while to fight to live on.